Touring safely: Making day trips fun

One of the best things about foreign travel is the chance to explore new places and try new foods and activities. Strolling through a Turkish market, taking the bus to a historic site in Peru, signing up for the offered helicopter tour of the desert – it all sounds magical.

But, while you know how to maneuver at home, it’s important to note that standards and systems may be quite different in other countries. To make sure that your daily excursions are safe and rewarding, pay attention to a few basics that you might not be thinking about.

Basic precautions for day trips

  • Purchase excursions only from reputable providers.
  • Wear the right shoes for your activity.
  • If you have signed up for an excursion, make sure you understand the clothing requirements and physical demands ahead of time.
  • As you head out, lock your hotel room, but avoid hanging the “please service” sign on the doorknob.
  • Carry just the amount of cash you need for the day’s activities.
  • Take only taxis that are clearly identified with company markings.
  • Avoid demonstrations, strikes or other civil unrest.
  • Don’t pet stray dogs or attempt to feed birds or wild animals.
  • Eat only food that’s thoroughly cooked and bottled or canned drinks.

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