SafeTrip Travel Protection

More of what you want, less of what you don’t

Want to remove the exclusion for certain sports? You got it. Want a lower deductible and higher medical coverage? No problem.

With SafeTrip Travel Protection, you can tailor the benefits to your needs. So, if you’re exploring Japan’s beautiful cities, you have coverage. If you’re taking to the ski slopes of Europe or if your travel is taking you off the beaten track, you’re in safe hands.

Choosing a higher accident and sickness medical expense coverage level will lower your risk of out-of-pocket expenses in the case of a serious medical incident. However, regardless of the accident and sickness medical expense coverage level you choose, each SafeTrip protection plan offers great features as standard, including medical evacuation, lost baggage, and medical and travel non-insurance assistance services, so you can travel with certainty.

The coverage you need for the trip you want

We’ve made it simple to create your customized travel protection plan. After all, the quicker you get coverage, the quicker you can get going!

Passport, tickets, and relaxation

Our SafeTrip Travel protection plan means you can travel with the knowledge that, should you need our support, just one call sets in motion our expert team of coordinators, providing access to a pre-screened worldwide network of medical and evacuation resources.

Each of these have one simple purpose – to provide you and your loved ones with quality care and support.

Travel your way. Choose the travel protection plan that’s right for you.