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Why buy Travel Protection?

Take a trip, not a risk

Why buy travel protection? The answer is simple. Because your health, and the health of your loved ones, is important, wherever you are.
In a travel medical emergency, you may not know which hospital is best, where to go to see English-speaking doctors, or how to find local specialists. We do.

Are you covered?

Health insurance policies, including Medicare policies, which are valid in the country where you live, often do not include medical coverage or evacuation insurance when abroad. Other types of insurances, such as homeowner’s or credit card insurance do not typically reimburse emergency expenses for trip interruptions caused by natural disasters or other incidents.

It won’t happen to me

Nothing will go wrong, right? The reality is it is estimated 17% of Americans have had their travel plans affected by medical conditions or other events. Four out of five did not have travel insurance1.

Why add cost to a crisis?

According to the American Bar Association, uninsured medical evacuations can cost upwards of $50,0002, often times they are very much higher - an unwanted addition to an unfortunate situation. The cost of a night in a hospital is way more than a 5 star hotel destination, averaging $429 in Argentina, and twice that much if you or your loved ones are hospitalized in France. Along with the reassurance of being able to access the right care, other features like trip cancellation insurance remove the worry of costs spiraling out of control, should the unexpected happen.

Some of the reasons to buy travel protection

  • You have a medical emergency in a foreign country and want to access appropriate care
  • You want a medical insurance plan to cover emergency or accident costs
  • A parent or child falls ill and you need to cancel your trip
  • Your medical emergency requires medical evacuation
  • You lose your medication and need to have a replacement prescription
  • Your passport is lost or stolen and you need a replacement
  • Your daughter loses her asthma inhaler

The protection you need for the trip you want

According to a U.S. Travel Insurance Association survey2, no single source provides the spectrum of coverage and services that comprehensive travel insurance does.

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1 Source: US Travel Insurance Association January 2014

2 American Bar Association GPSolo June 2013 Do you really need travel insurance

One in six Americans have had their travel plans impacted by medical conditions, natural disasters, or other events.
Only 22% had travel insurance.1