What’s included with SafeTrip Travel Protection Plans

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SafeTrip travel protection plans come with a range of fantastic insurance and non-insurance travel assistance services, along with a UnitedHealthcare global network, designed to support your safety and well-being.

Insurance Benefits


Accident and Sickness Medical Expense Coverage

 We can cover your medical bills

While traveling, your medical bills for health and accident costs can be covered up to the maximum amount of coverage you select when purchasing your plan, less any selected deductible amount. When your sickness or injury is covered (and no exclusions or limitations apply), depending on the circumstances, we may issue a Guarantee of Payment or make a wire transfer to the facility at the time of service, or you may cover smaller costs, and submit a claim for reimbursement after your travels.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

We can help get you to the best care

In a medical emergency, our medical specialists can help assess the best care for your needs, and the best place to deliver it.  If the right care isn’t available locally, medical evacuation can cover the cost of specialist medical transportation, whether ground or air ambulance, to a credentialed hospital or center of medical excellence.

 Medical Repatriation

 We can get you home

If you are ill or injured and not able to travel on schedule or independently, we can arrange and pay the cost of appropriate transportation to bring you safely home.

Return of Children (part of Emergency Medical Evacuation coverage)

We can get your most precious things home too

Safe transport for children, bringing them home if the adults they are traveling with are unable to travel with them as a result of a medical emergency.

Emergency Reunion (of Emergency Medical Evacuation coverage)

We can bring a loved one to your side

In a medical emergency, your SafeTrip plan's Emergency Medical Evacuation coverage can pay the costs incurred to fly a loved one to support you.

Baggage and Personal Effects

Keeping a handle on lost baggage expenses

You can receive up to $250 per bag, up to a maximum payment of $1,000, if your bags go astray, less a $50 deductible.

Baggage Delay

We can pay for the delay

Up to $250 payment if your luggage arrives more than 24 hours later than you do.

Return of Remains

When the unthinkable happens

The return of the remains of a deceased traveler to their home country.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (Loss of Life or Limb)

Compensation for your loss

Financial help and added security after a serious injury, including loss of vision. Can pay up to $25,000 (24-Hour Other than Common Carrier -- Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage), or up to $100,000 if you are injured during your trip, on an airline, cruise ship, tour bus, or other common carrier as defined in the plan (Common Carrier Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage).

Non-insurance Services


Medical Assistance

At your side worldwide

With an average response time of just seven seconds, Travel Medical Assistance connects you to immediate support from a team of medical specialists, working around the clock, in more than 100 languages, dedicated to your wellbeing and safety 

Travel Assistance

The support you need, when you need it

From missed flights to lost documentation, 24/7 telephone advice and support to help resolve unexpected travel incidents and emergencies.

SafeTrip Travel Advice

Know before you go

Be prepared to travel safely with pre-trip health and safety tips on the countries you're traveling to.

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Trip Cancellation Coverage and Trip Interruption Coverage

(Not available with SafeTrip Annual Frequent Traveler)

Coverage for cancellation

SafeTrip trip cancellation coverage can help remove the worry of costs spiraling out of control, should the unexpected happen and require you to alter or cancel a trip by enabling you to claim non-refundable expenses.

With Trip Interruption Insurance, come what may, we can confirm that you have the coverage for specified reasons, as detailed in the policy.

Extreme Sports

(Not available with SafeTrip Annual Frequent Traveler)

Extremely useful

Like a helping of adrenalin with your trip?  Then you’ll love our Extreme Sports Coverage, because it removes exclusions for climbing, skiing, scuba diving - even bungee jumping.

We don't provide coverage for professional athletes or contact sports. And, you’ll need additional insurance if you want to skydive, hang-glide or heli-ski.

Please check out our program information for the extreme detail.


Did you know that SafeTrip travel protection can cover you in almost all countries?

When traveling internationally, you can purchase SafeTrip travel protection when visiting any country other than: Afghanistan, Antarctica, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, and Syria

Insurance benefits in the plans are subject to terms, conditions, and exclusions, including an exclusion for pre-existing conditions. Specific benefits and limits of coverage vary depending on the plan purchased. For a complete description of the coverage and specific benefit limits offered under your plan, carefully review your plan document by clicking here.  All plans not available in all states.

All products and services are available where permitted or not prohibited by applicable laws, which laws may change from time and time. As such, the excluded countries list may change from time to time and without notice.

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