What is medical assistance?

Medical Assistance Services come standard as part of every UnitedHealthcare Global SafeTrip travel protection plan. Simply put, this means having a helpful human being ready to help you by phone 24 hours a day around the globe.

So, what happens when you call?

First, call toll-free or collect using the number on your ID card, or you can send an email message. A coordinator will ask you a few questions and then begin helping you right away. All of these services are available when you need them:

  • A referral to a pre-approved doctor, hospital or dentist so you can get quality care
  • Monitoring of your medical condition with the help of physician advisors, including analysis of the quality of care you are receiving
  • Help with hospital admission and discharge planning
  • Relaying your insurance information and medical records to the local treating physician
  • Getting medications or vaccines to you if not available locally or if they’ve been lost or stolen
  • Updating people you authorize to be informed, such as your family, employer or home physician
  • Making hotel arrangements before or after hospitalization or for ongoing care
  • Replacing corrective lenses or medical devices if they are lost, stolen or broken

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