Studying abroad?

One question, total commitment

When it comes to decisions about the health of the students we safeguard, the question asked in our Emergency Response Center is, what would we do if this was our son or daughter? For the 40 years that we’ve served the scholastic sector, this question continues to shape our commitment when it matters most.

We’ve done our homework

Each student and each institution we support with our travel protection plans, benefits from more than just our scholastic experience. For decades, we have protected the travelers of mission groups and government bodies working in the world’s most challenging locations, often at times of crisis. We bring this expertise to bear so that study abroad can take place more safely, in more places.

Staying safe by staying one step ahead

One call to our Emergency Response Center sets in motion our specialists, providing access to a pre-screened worldwide network of more than 1 million medical resources.

Over the years, we have learned that our expertise to respond when the unexpected happens is key. But it is our unique ability to keep faculty and students out of harm’s way that offers greatest comfort to parents and administrators.

Our global medical and evacuation network provides help when unforeseeable incidents occur. But it's our world-class medical and destination intelligence that helps you to avoid incidents in the first place.


This website contains highlights of the plans, which include travel insurance coverage underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company or Crum & Forster SPC. For individuals purchasing a travel plan through this website, please see the FAQ page for a full listing of applicable disclosures

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