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We understand that, if someone is sick or injured, accessing the right care for your loved ones is the priority. But the cost of things going wrong without a travel protection plan containing medical coverage cannot be ignored.

Are you covered when you travel?

Health insurance policies, including Medicare policies, which are valid in the country where you live, often do not include medical coverage when abroad.

Why is this important? Because, according to a survey by the U.S. Travel Insurance Association1, it is estimated that 17% of Americans have had their travel plans impacted by medical conditions, natural disasters and other events.

Why add cost to a crisis?

An overnight hospital stay ranges from hundreds of dollars (Argentina, South Africa) to thousands of dollars (Australia and the U.S.). According to the American Bar Association, uninsured medical evacuations can cost upwards of $50,000.2

Are you covered if you don’t travel?

What happens if the unexpected happens and you’re unable to travel? Perhaps a loved one falls ill and you need to cancel a non-refundable trip. Our trip cancellation coverage can help protect you from losing the thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars, you spent on flights and accommodation for you and your family. You also can be covered if you make it on your trip, but it’s interrupted by something unexpected happening back home.

Travel happy, travel with certainty

We have designed our SafeTrip plans so that they combine access to quality care, globally, and can help protect you from unwanted costs should an incident or accident happen. Travel with our travel protection plan and you can set off knowing that even if things go wrong, your plan can help protect them from going bad.

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1 Source: U.S. Travel Insurance Association January 2014

2 American Bar Association GPSolo June 2013 Do you really need travel insurance

International Hospital Costs

The typical cost in U.S. dollars of a 24-hour stay in a foreign hospital:

  • Argentina $429
  • South Africa $665
  • France $853
  • New Zealand $979
  • Australia $1,472
  • U.S.A. $4,287

Source: International Federation of Health Plans